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  • May 1, 2013
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Hire Veterans

Did you know that some businesses are reluctant to hire veterans? It isn’t because they don’t want to, but many businesses have found that the veterans applying for jobs do not have the skills needed for the job at hand. The year 2010 came with promise, or so we thought, as tax benefits were offered to businesses that would hire vets. So, what has changed?

Hiring veterans is now more difficult as businesses are closing and fewer jobs are available. Not only is the national average for unemployment high, but the unemployment rate for veterans is even higher. A veteran job need not be a million dollar job, however veterans have discovered that it’s hard to find work with pay that is comparable to what they were last earning with the military or more.

So, what can you do now? Are you close to retirement, but you fear that you won’t be able to provide for your family? Have you been serving for the past four years and you are not sure what you will find once you are discharged? How hard will it be for you to find a veterans job? We want to share with you some information to help you have a better understanding of why businesses don’t hire veterans what you can expect and what jobs veterans will be able to find.

Why Business Don’t Hire Veterans

You have discovered that budget cuts are now taking work away from you and this is going to hurt your family’s income and it will be tough to provide for them. What do you do? Veteran employment is hard to get, simply because most jobs that veterans may have worked while in the military will require a degree without exception to enter the workforce outside of the military. While you have the training, this may cause a problem when various organizations wish to hire veterans.

Veteran jobs used to be available within the military offices, and even through the assistance of the VA, however, things have changed. With budget cuts, not only is spending on weapons getting cut, but employment is as well. There are several websites that talk about:

  1. Offering resume building services for veterans
  2. Job boards for veterans
  3. Federal employment website for veterans and more

However, the success rating seems to low as many veterans remain unemployed. Jobs for military veterans are still scarce, and as many of you continue to seek work, the ability to know what skills to learn can be difficult. Could it be that it working for you would be easier? If businesses are not going to hire veterans because they lack a skill, or they won’t accept the training that veterans already have, is it possible that being your own boss is a better idea?

Who Will Hire Veterans Now?

Now that you have heard more about who will not hire veterans and why, do you feel that now is the time to start your own home based business? In the fall of 2012, there were 10 companies that were noted for their posting of veterans jobs. This became a movement when the unemployment rate for veterans was a whopping 12.1% in 2011. The illusion was that jobs for vets were few and far between because military men and women did not have skills that were transferrable into a new career or position among the civilian workforce. There are still companies that would love to hire military men and women, simply because the leadership skills they have learned are unparalleled and much needed in business today.

Companies were pushing for jobs for veterans to get access to that leadership, so, what is the problem? Is it that there are so many facing a lack of employment that they are taking those as first come, first serve? Many veterans that were making a decent income have been forced to take minimum wage jobs as a result of the challenges. It’s time for us to find better ways to “hire veterans”, and you can go HERE now to learn more!

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