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  • May 2, 2013
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Army Downsizing

Army downsizing is a big deal for you if you have been serving in the Army. If you were working out of Fort Polk, this story is all too familiar. The possibility of this base losing 5,300 troops and civilians is a scary prospect. The economic impact is $1.7 million dollars, and that is a HUGE number. The question is, will Washington change its view on this and give you a better option for your future? Will you somehow be able to create a new income and grow your income as well, even if you aren’t getting the money you thought you would from the government?

With so many spending cuts being made across the country for military operations, payroll and contract cuts, and challenges with disability benefits for veterans, there are tons of reasons for you to be concerned about what is happening with your future. If you have a family, can you really afford to not provide for them? Don’t you need to feed your family and put a roof over their heads? Because you are faced with Army downsizing, it’s time for you to consider what other options may be available to help you change your life and your income.

Why Army Downsizing is a Tragedy

When we hear about the budget cuts, defense cuts and other cuts for various types of spending as a nation, we forget that there are many areas in which Army downsizing is affecting our country including:

  1. Fewer students in schools
  2. Less help for the community should a disaster occur
  3. Less overall revenue for the community

What does this mean for the long term? Military downsizing is affecting not just you, but those around you where you work on base and in the community. Word has it that not only would downsizing affect Fort Polk now, but the bigger impact would be now through 2020. That means that even if you aren’t affected right now that you will be later.

Fort Polk isn’t the only base that is downsizing, but several installations around the US are as well. In fact, due to the fact that there are still battles overseas, the reduction in troops is no longer an option overseas. This means for the time being those overseas may be safe, but it is no guarantee that they will have work once they come home. What can be done to ensure that you control your income in the future?

Army Downsizing at Redstone Arsenal

Did you hear about the listening session at Redstone Arsenal and how it has affected news of the Army downsizing? One of the biggest concerns in the beginning was letting the public know that the downsizing was taking place. Was this a wise decision on their part? Was it to instill fear or just to let them know that from an economic standpoint it was coming to a close?

Decreases here began in 2011, but with military budget cuts, things became more intense. This meant an 80,000 member decrease which is quite significant, don’t you think? With zero combat teams, it was to mean less of a problem, meaning less people to eliminate and less to alarm people. However, this meant less money for this city as well.

Do you fear that you will have no options for work In the private sector? Do you fear that you as a veteran have no skills that will transfer into the civilian workplace? If you are running out of options, and you want to stop the madness, then it’s time to hear more about what other veterans are doing. To learn more about how “Army downsizing” does NOT have to rule your income, go HERE now to learn more!

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